Social involvement

Hugo is involved in causes that are close to his heart and shares his passion for cycling through conferences and corporative gatherings/meetings


Following the tragic accident of his brother Pierrik, Hugo decided to get involved with Nez Rouge. This organization’s mission is to encourage responsible behavior (in a non-judgmental manner) with regard to impaired driving by enabling communities to provide a free and confidential chauffeur service to their members, the financial benefits of which are redistributed to local organizations dedicated to youth. Other programs for the awareness of consuming responsibly and for road security are realized.


Hugo is also involved in a program for children and adolescents called « Jouez gagnant! », of the Ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche du Québec. This program’s main goal is to promote the ethical values and the benefits of sport and of physical education, by conferences offered by different athletes.

Hugo has joined the Classique des Appalaches as an ambassador in order to contribute to the success of the event and for the development of cycling in Quebec. Convinced of the potential of this event, like the difficulty of the course, the beauty of the landscape and the regional enthusiasm, he invites you to participate.


Did you know it is possible to go riding with Hugo? To make a request or to obtain more information, write to Hugo by filling in the contact form.